Vision & Mission
  • To provide legal assistance to the manufacturers and traders of water treatment equiptments under any government directives and to represent to the Government Authorities to obtain clarifications as regards to tax rates and other matters.
  • To bring like minded people under one roof by enrolling them as members in the association and create unity among them to share the trade information for the benefit of all the members.
  • To protect, propagate and safeguard the rights of manufacturers and traders of water treatment equiptments
  • To arrange educational facilities to the members of the association so as to educate them on the pricing structure on purchase/sale of various products relating to the business of water treatment equiptments, applicable tax rates, amendment of laws governing the business and other general awareness essential for the smooth conduct of the business.
  • To keep track of manufacturers and traders in the business of water treatment equipments who have malicious and dubious track record as regards to settling outstanding payments, quality of products supplied, adhering to supply schedules, etc and those who adopt malpractices detrimental to the business interests of the members of the association and to the public in general.
  • To organize, establish and run welfare & social service activities and medical relief camps for the benefit of the members of the association and their family and for the public in general and if required appoint necessary staff or form volunteer corps for carrying out the above functions and to carry out activities of the association or general activities useful to the members and public in general
  • To participate in the work, give aid and support to or render financial assistance by way of subscriptions and donations for National Cause.
  • To mobilize funds for the achievement of above said objectives from members and public by way of membership, endowments, donations, fees and service charges etc
  • To do all such things and to perform all such acts as may be necessary for proper achievement of the any or all of the above objectives.