SRWTEMT Association is founded to address the issues of water fraternity which also provides a platform for the water industry to exhibit their products, technologies and innovations. With over more than 400 members and key business entrepreneurs in this business are in the board decided to set up a platform for members and created an event SRW INDIA WATER EXPO to showcase their products. SRW INDIA WATER EXPO aims to bridge the Component Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers. SRW INDIA WATER EXPO is the one stop destination for companies developing their teams or establishing their operations in the water segment.
SRW association generates a feeling of unity among its members. Their unity makes the association strong and enables it to achieve their common goal. The members give more importance to their common interests than to their individual interest. This increases their friendship, fellow-feeling and cooperation. Association is a breeding ground of leadership. Those members who have leadership qualities get opportunity to further develop these qualities and to emerge as successful leaders. Associations are also a training centre for leadership.